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The Vegans Unite Blog is a way to bring like minded people together, whether they are on their journey to becoming a vegan or have already reached their destination.  The latter perhaps can be helpful in relating their knowledge and experiences that can help the vegetarians as they trod this road less traveled. Please feel free to join in any or all of the topics, to add your comments and suggestions, and to ask your own questions.


Veganism is animal rescue without even getting up from the dinner

table! ….Debby Jelly

Every day, we make the choice…who/what shall live and who/what shall die.

Someone found out today that I’m vegan, by Dana Green

Someone found out today that I’m vegan, and was very hostile and distant.  They asked with a sneer, “Why are you vegan?” I replied, “I’m vegan for the female cows who are artificially inseminated, then have their babies taken away to their death. I’m vegan for the chickens who are debeaked and forced into small cages.  I’m vegan for the cows who are beaten because they are too sick to walk themselves to their own slaughter.  I’m vegan for the pigs who are slammed to pieces on the ground.  I’m vegan for the male chicks who are tossed into a grinder alive.  I’m vegan for the foxes who are skinned alive for fur.  I’m vegan for the orcas who are stolen from their families and forced into ‘entertaining’ and abuse.  I’m vegan for the bunnies who are tested on for make up.  I’m vegan for the elephants in chains at the circus who are beaten to perform.  Most importantly, I’m vegan because I reject slavery, cruelty, and murder.”

Top 8 myths about being vegan BUSTED:

  1. It’s hard to get enough protein on a plant based die.
  2. Vegans only eat salads & food tastes terrible
  3. There’s no way a plant based diet is healthier
  4. You’ll get weak and frail on a plant based diet
  5. It’s too expensive to go vegan
  6. We need milk & dairy for strong bones
  7. My 85 year old friend loves meat – proving meat is healthy
  8. Plant based diet is extreme


My personal favorite…..excuses you hear everyday not to go vegan…

Seven Things that Happen When You Stop Eating Meat….

Our teeth are NOT designed to tear meat: